Crowe Calls on Bank of Ireland to Reconsider Anti Customer Changes

Dublin South West TD Seán Crowe is appealing to Bank Of Ireland management to reconsider their  plans to limit the minimum amount of cash customers may withdraw in  their bank branches. Crowe described
the move as anti-customer and predicted a negative impact on vulnerable customers suggesting that it might lead to people carrying around more cash or hiding large amounts at home.

Deputy Seán Crowe said:


“Bank of Ireland is to set to introduce a number of changes in most branches from mid-November, including restricting in-branch cash withdrawals under €700. Anything under this amount will have to be done through ATM machines which will impact negatively on all their customers but particularly the vulnerable or those who are not technology savvy.

“Bank of Ireland with the click of a keyboard has introduced these hugely significant changes without any consultation or clearly any concern on the negative impact this will have on customers some of whom have banked with them for decades.

“I am particularly concerned that the unavailability of banking staff may result in vulnerable people entrusting their bank details to someone else who can do the transaction for them. Unfortunately this could leave many of them even more open to fraud and manipulation.

“This new system creates the likelihood and the very real possibility of people carrying around large amounts of cash or equally as bad, keeping it hidden at home. Has Bank of Ireland management really thought through the very real societal implications this will have with an added knock on effect with the possible increase of muggings and burglaries ?

“Another real worry is that other banks will follow through with more of these negative anti-customer measures.

“I am appealing to Bank of Ireland management, as we move to the mid November deadline, to tear up this new policy and urge them to consider the real needs of their loyal  customers who many who stuck with the bank even during the worst of times.”