Sinn Féin’s spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Seán Crowe TD, has expressed his mounting  concern at the proposed new restrictions on trade and travel to Cuba that US President Trump is supposedly  due to announce in Miami.

Deputy Seán Crowe TD said:

“Former US President Barack Obama oversaw a historic de-escalation and relaxation of the USA blockade of Cuba and the re-establishment of diplomatic relations. While such positive moves didn’t fully lift the illegal and damaging blockade, a relaxation in some aspects of the blockade and the restoration of diplomatic relations was welcomed by countries around the world.

“I am extremely concerned over reports that President Trump is now proposing to reverse some of these positive steps by Presidential Directive and revert back to the USA’s failed aggressive approach to Cuba and its people.

“It is reported that these new Trump measures will involve further restrictions on trade and travel to Cuba.

“While it is also reported that diplomatic relations will remain in place, normal relations between two sovereign independent countries cannot exist while one is kept under an unfair and brutal blockade.

“In a clear statement of international support to Cubans suffering under the blockade, no country, including the USA, voted against a UN General Assembly motion in October 2016 calling on the USA to lift its blockade of Cuba.

“Instead of reversing the positive moves made to relax the embargo, President Trump should unilaterally and unconditionally lift this illegal and inhumane embargo.

“Ireland needs to raise its voice in support of the Cuban people and against this hostile escalation from President Trump and his Administration.”