Dublin South West TD, Seán Crowe, is visiting Boston and New York as part of an Oireachtas Foreign Affairs Committee delegation to meet with the Irish diaspora and Irish community organisations to discuss immigration issues.

The Sinn Féin TD also welcomed the recent passing of a Bill in the US House of Representatives, that if agreed by the Senate will facilitate Irish citizens getting E3 entry visas to work in the USA.

Deputy Seán Crowe said:

“On Sunday I travelled to the USA with colleagues from the Oireachtas Foreign Affairs Committee. We will meet with staff from Irish immigration centres in New York and Boston. We will also meet members and organisations from Irish cultural organisations and Irish citizens who continue to be   impacted negatively by the lack of a legal pathway to stay with loved ones in the USA.

“The recent passing of the E3 Visa Bill in the US House of Representatives is a welcome move for Irish citizens wishing to travel to and work legally in the USA to gain professional experience.

“The Bill allows Irish citizens who are educationally qualified, the opportunity to travel to the USA under the E3 programme which is currently only available to Australian citizens. Australians have access to thousands of these visas but have not traditionally taken up their full complement and it’s hoped the Irish will now get the spare allocation.

“The legislation needs the approval of the US Senate and it will have a reciprocal arrangement for US citizens that will allow them a similar facility and the opportunity to work or engage in educational schemes in Ireland.

“While this is a welcome step forward, I believe the Irish Government must continue their efforts to encourage and secure a comprehensive reform policy that is fair and inclusive.

“I look forward to discussing all these issues with Irish citizens living in New York and Boston and organisations that represent their interests.”