Sinn Féin TD for Dublin South West Seán Crowe has strongly criticised Irish Water for deciding that because a fire hydrant on the Greenhills Road is on the top of a hill that they should supposedly not have to supply it with sufficient water pressure.

This came after Dublin Fire Brigade had to recently redeploy after arriving at a fire because the fire hydrant was not in operation. Another serious fire occurred at a business premises on the same road just this weekend.

Teachta Crowe said:

“After a number of fires in the Greenhills Road area, I was contacted by a number of local residents who had witnessed Dublin Fire Brigade having difficulty accessing the water supply from the nearby fire hydrant. The Fire Brigade had to take unusual step and redeploy to Tymon Park to be able to get sufficient water.

“I contacted Irish Water about this as the lack of a water supply to a hydrant has the potential to drastically reduce the Fire Brigade’s ability to respond quickly to a fire and keep it under control. I am particularly concerned for the small number of local residents who live in this area and what might happen to them and their homes if there is a fire.

“Irish Water responded by saying that because the fire hydrant was on a hill this was ‘more of a geographical issue’ and that there was ‘nothing further we can advise on this matter’.

“This is a ludicrous and completely unacceptable response from a public body in charge of our water supply. Access to water from a fire hydrant is not an optional extra. They are placed in areas for the specific coverage of a given area in the event of a fire.

“I do not accept their answer and I call on Irish Water to realise the potential danger their inaction is posing and get out and actually fix the water pressure problem.”