Dublin South West Sinn Féin TD, Seán Crowe, has said that the results of the HIQA National Patient Experience Survey for 2018 highlights the positive care delivered by nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals in hospitals like Tallaght, and across the State, despite the crippling recruitment and retention crisis.

Deputy Seán Crowe said

“In the midst of all the crises facing the health service, a recurring point that is made by any patient who has spent time in the health service is that once you are admitted to a hospital the standard of care from nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are usually excellent.

“Indeed, the recently published National Patient Experience Survey has backed up that assertion. The National Patient Experience Survey is the largest survey of its kind in Ireland. It recorded that 81% of respondents said that they were always treated with respect and dignity in hospitals across the State.

“Almost 700 patients from Tallaght University Hospital participated in the survey and 82% rated their overall experience as very good or good.

“When it came to care the results were similar with the average patient rating for care on the ward being 8.3 out of 10 and the average patient rating for examinations, diagnosis and treatment recorded at 8.2 out of 10.

“The big positive is that this level of care is being provided by staff that are under extreme pressure due to difficult working conditions brought about by a recruitment and retention crisis across the health sector. That makes it even more worthy of praise.

“As with any report, there are always areas for improvement and this one highlights that in the area of discharges patients need better care plans and information regarding how to actually care for themselves after leaving hospital. Families should also be more involved in the care and discharge of patients.

“As an elected representative I usually get the more negative cases where the care has not delivered or something has gone wrong, so it is welcome to get a wider view in this survey.

“I have no doubt that many of the issues reported can be adequately addressed if the recruitment and retention crisis across the health service is resolved. We need to ensure hospitals have the necessary staffing levels to spend the requisite amount of time with each patient and their family.

“I hope the findings of the 2018 survey will help Tallaght Hospital to improve patients’ experiences of care in the hospital.”