Dublin South West TD, Seán Crowe, stated that the bull-headed behaviour of Ryanair’s senior managements is responsible for the strike that continues to impact negatively on tens of thousands of passengers.

Pilots have resumed strike action at the company and cabin crew in several European countries are joining in on the industrial action. The Sinn Féin TD called on them to adopt to a 21st Century approach by working with unions in order to resolve the long-standing issues raised by its workforce.

Deputy Seán Crowe said:

“Tens of thousands of Ryanair passengers are facing into an uncertain future as senior management’s bull-headed and provocative statements are not in any way conducive to resolving this industrial dispute.

“With the month of August approaching many families, clubs, honeymooners, couples, and individuals are frantically trying to arrange alternative travel to holiday destinations, that many have saved so hard to go on.

“Essentially this is an ideological issue. Ryanair senior management are failing to realise that the issue of union recognition and collective bargaining might have been controversial in the early 1900s but it should hardly be a problem for a company today.

“Ryanair senior management would appear to be incapable of treating their staff and their union representatives with even the basic modicum of respect.

“What the striking pilots are seeking will not cost Ryanair a large amount of money and could be easily resolved with a new approach.

“The problem is that they are unable or unwilling to work with unions on any matter and that, coupled with their negative treatment of staff over many years, has created the toxic atmosphere that has led to this summer’s bitter industrial action.

“Ryanair senior management will need to acknowledge its own central responsibility in this strike, with cabin crew having a long litany of complaints around unacceptable working conditions at the company.

“They need to adopt a 21st Century approach like other successful airlines and adopt a progressive more enlightened attitude when it comes to union recognition, income, and work practices.

“They could also look at adopting a living wage approach, stable rosters, and ending the practice of sales targets being linked to disciplinary procedures.

“Ryanair senior management’s mean-spirited approach has created the conditions where they now have had an unprecedented year in relation to the cancellations of planned flights.

“The company needs to get its act together by treating its many staff and passengers with greater respect and end its threats of reducing and transferring flights from Ireland.

“The current approach of Ryanair senior management is not working. It is bull-headed and unfair, and it has created the conditions for a strike that continues to impact negatively on tens of thousands of passengers and workers in the airline.”