Sinn Féin TD for Dublin South West Seán Crowe has warned that thousands of people will be at risk of homelessness from 1 April when the eviction ban is overturned and that homeless support structures are not capable of dealing with that level of demand, highlighting the fact that SDCC recently suggested that homeless families should go to their local garda station for help.

Teachta Crowe made his comments after the RTB announced they had received notification of 1,839 eviction notices in Dublin during Q3 2022

Teachta Crowe said:

“Figures released today by the RTB are simply shocking. There were 1,839 eviction notices served in Dublin alone during Q3 2022. These are the notices that are going to be going live on 1 April when the Government overturns the eviction ban.

“And we know there will be even more evictions than that given the huge number of unregistered landlords out there. This will put thousands of people out on the street at the one time and there is nowhere close to the amount of homeless supports out there to cope with that.

“The consequence will be thousands of people forced to stay with family and friends or overhold in their rental accommodation. It will also see a rise in rough sleeping and the prospect of families with children being referred to Garda stations for a safe place to sleep.

“In 2023, when Fine Gael tell us we have the fastest growing economy in Europe, homeless families are being referred to their local garda stations. That is simply disgraceful.

“The Government must immediately reverse the decision to end the ban on evictions. Emergency legislation must be brought before the Dáil before the ban ends on March 31st and all renters must be given the protection they deserve.

“The government must also accompany the extension of the ban on evictions with a package of emergency measures to extend and expand the tenant in situ scheme for social and affordable rental and using emergency planning and procurement powers to target vacant and derelict homes and new building technologies to ramp up the delivery of public housing.”